by Helly Frusher 



2024 updates!

As of March 2024 I now have a bench at the wonderful FORGE space just off Hatton Garden. You can find my work there as well at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in Marylebone, London. I am so excited to now work in London's jewellery quarter. It makes it so much easier to source stones, metal etc. and I am also learning lots of new tips and tricks from the jewellers around me.



Sylvah Jewellery was set up by me, Helly, in June 2020 and every piece you see on this site I have handmade!

I took my first jewellery class at SilverHub studios in Edinburgh in January 2019 and continued with these evening classes until March 2020 when the pandemic hit and I left to go back home to Northamptonshire. In that class I had been learning how to make silver rings set with gemstones, and I was halfway through making an Emerald ring for my cousin's 18th birthday.

My Grandpa used to do some silversmithing, making silver boxes and bowls, so just before lockdown I got some of his tools, silver and the workbench he built, all of which I still use regularly. I bought a few other basic tools so I could finish my cousin's ring and make a few other family members/friends jewellery. At the end of May I finished my uni work for the year and I had a very empty summer ahead of me. In June 2020, on a whim really, I set up Sylvah thinking I would get about 10 orders! 

It wasn't originally supposed to be more than a hobby but the Instagram orders kept coming!! To allow me to carry on making jewellery in my final year of university my Father made me a fantastic small jewellery bench which fitted in my uni bedroom. I graduated with my degree in Sustainable Development in June 2021 and now make jewellery full-time in London. From September 2021 to July 2023 I enrolled on both the silver & fine jewellery diploma courses with the Jeweller's Academy and received marks of 92% and 89% respectively.

It is such a lovely job as everyday I get to do something creative and different and I get such kind feedback from you all - so thank you!!

The name Sylvah comes from the word Sylvan meaning trees of the forest, as I have a great love for trees as do the rest of my family. The name is also a tribute to where I lived when I first started making jewellery - Forrest Road in Edinburgh. 

​Thank you so much for all the love and support so far, it really is a dream come true!

I am so excited to make more pieces for you all and create a few new collections and some signature pieces!

Love Helly xx