by Helly Frusher 



Where to find my work:


Sylvah Jewellery was set up by me, Helly, in June 2020 and every piece you see on this site I have handmade!

I took my first jewellery class at SilverHub studios in Edinburgh in January 2019 and continued with these evening classes until March 2020 when the pandemic hit and I left to go back home to Northamptonshire. In that class I had been learning how to make silver rings set with gemstones, and I was halfway through making an Emerald ring for my cousin's 18th birthday.

My Grandpa used to do some silversmithing, making silver boxes and bowls, so just before lockdown I got some of his tools, silver and the workbench he built, all of which I still use regularly. I bought a few other basic tools so I could finish my cousin's ring and make a few other family members/friends jewellery. At the end of May I finished my uni work for the year and I had a very empty summer ahead of me. In June 2020, on a whim really, I set up Sylvah thinking I would get about 10 orders! 

It wasn't originally supposed to be more than a hobby but the Instagram orders kept coming!! To allow me to carry on making jewellery in my final year of university my Father made me a fantastic small jewellery bench which fitted in my uni bedroom. I graduated with my degree in Sustainable Development in June 2021 and now make jewellery full-time in North, London. I have just finished my Diploma course in Fine Jewellery with the London School of Jewellery and am currently awaiting my marks! It is such a lovely job as everyday I get to do something creative and different and I get such kind feedback from you all - so thank you!!

The name Sylvah comes from the word Sylvan meaning trees of the forest, as I have a great love for trees as do the rest of my family. The name is also a tribute to where I lived when I first started making jewellery - Forrest Road in Edinburgh. 

​Thank you so much for all the love and support so far, it really is a dream come true!

I am so excited to make more pieces for you all and create a few new collections and some signature pieces!

Love Helly xx