The world’s largest Aquamarine


The dom pedro aquamarine sculpture

This is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine, one of the largest mineral crystals ever found.

This aquamarine was found in Brazil and is named after two Brazilian emperors. Aquamarines are formed from the mineral Beryl which also forms emeralds and morganites. The colour comes from impurities in the mineral ~ for aquamarine this is iron and for emerald it is chromium.

The dom pedro aquamarine dropped

 When this crystal was first found in 1980 it weighed just over 100 pounds but it was dropped - shattering into the three pieces which you can see here! The sculpture shown above was cut from the largest piece by Bernd Munsteiner.


This obelisk shaped piece weighs 10,363 carats, is 36cm tall and is estimated to have a value of at least £6 million purely for the stone’s raw value. The piece was donated to the Smithsonian and is surrounded by other amazing gems such as The Hope Diamond.

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